This year will mark three years since the tragic Walmart shooting that shocked not only our community but the nation as well.

That day brought out the El Paso Strong in everyone in our community and every year since then the community comes together to remember the 23 innocent lives that were lost on that tragic Saturday morning.

This year’s day of remembrance will be an event that will not only honor the 23 victims, but it will also celebrate the community's resilience.

El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego announced on his Facebook page that the August 3rd Resilience Ceremony would be taking place at Ascarate Park’s Healing Garden which sits at the entrance of the park.

“Honor the three-year mark by joining us for the August 3rd Resilience Ceremony and prayer service coordinated by the El Paso County, United Way of El Paso County, Bishop Mark Seitz, Pastor Grady, and Msgr. Arturo Bañuelas,” read the post.

The event will also include a luminaria walk-thru to include sounds and melodies of local musicians spread across the park and 23 remembrance lights.

The Resilience ceremony will be free for the public to attend. The ceremony will happen at Ascarate Park which is located at 6900 Delta and is set to begin at 8 p.m.

Guests that plan on attending will not have to worry about the entrance fee to Ascarate Park as the fee is no longer in place at the park.


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