If you always wished for a new Lego set when your birthday rolled around as a kid, get your inner child ready. There is something you and your kids can create the best memories that is bound to be a whole lot of fun.

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Anyone who played with Legos as a child knows just how much fun it is to let your creativity take over. My uncle Memo was the one who got me hooked on Legos when I was a little girl.

I remember he bought me this Lego box set that was red and had a handle with two sliding horizontal yellow flat pieces. But I always enjoyed spending time playing with my Legos when I was younger building houses and cars.

Now you must remember that Lego pieces now are more advanced than how they were when I was a kid. But if you got your offspring into Legos, make sure you start planning a road trip this summer to Austin, Texas.

The Brick Rodeo LEGO Fan Exhibition is set to kick off on Thursday, June 30, and run through July 3. So if you get a kick out of checking out some dope creativity from LEGO builders this family-friendly event is how.

If you want an idea of what to expect at Brick Rodeo just refer to Get The Brick's YouTube video above.

Plus why wouldn't you want to let your inner kid come out and play with your children at the Brick Rodeo? There will be family-friendly LEGO activities for you and your family if you attend.

You have seen adults who still let their imagination run free on KFOX 14 LEGO Masters show.

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