The iconic ‘80s movie, The Breakfast Club, which defined a generation, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a cinematic re-release nationwide, including El Paso.

No other director captured adolescents coming to age quite like John Hughes did and for the 30th anniversary of the film, a newly restored version of Hughes’ classic high school comedy will be shown across 430 screens in the U.S. including El Paso.

Each screening will also be preceded by a featurette with interviews from cast members Anthony Michael Hall (Brian “The Brain” Johnson), Judd Nelson (John “The Criminal” Bender), Ally Sheedy (Allison “The Basket Case” Reynolds), and John Kapelos (Carl).

The movie has become an all-time classic and continues to be rediscovered and connect with new audiences. The music in the movie also plays a pivotal part and sets the mood throughout the movie with songs such as Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” which topped the charts in back in1985 and also celebrates 30 years.