Entertaining and friendly bartender are usually worth more than their weight in gold.  They can turn an unplanned detour into a sort of mini-adventure.

If you’re looking to have a drink and leave with a smile from the laughing you did, then I suggest you visit Kirsten.  She’s friendly, funny and has a knack for making conversation with you that doesn’t seem like the usual small talk you exchange with people you just met.

Kirsten - photo by Alex Chavez

Ask her, kindly of course, to make you a “Moonshine Mule” (made with moonshine, ginger beer, Agave Nectar and lime juice) or one of the peach Martinis she takes great pride in preparing.  As always, please drink responsibly.

When/Where to catch Kirsten:

Monday & Thursday-Saturday - 3pm to 10pm - Pint and Peanut Public House 518 W. San Antonio, Suite E

Sunday - 3pm to close - Tork 3012 N. Lee Trevino

Moonshine Mule - photo by Alex Chavez
photo by Alex Chavez