When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with Blue's Clues like most Millenials.

My mother loves to remind me about the time she had to stay home from work and help me recover from pneumonia. During this time, I forced her to binge-watch Blue's Clues before binge-watching was a thing.

I vividly remember the last episode of Blue's Clues where Steve was the host of the show. I remember the day he left. I never forgot too, Steve.

The viral video released by Nick Jr. that features the OG Blue's Clues host has been causing tears of nostalgia and having people thank Steve for his kind words.

Don't get me wrong, when I first watch the video I did remember all the love and good times brought by those episodes of Blue's Clues.

Yet, the more I saw people telling Steve thank you for the video, the more I started to fall down a rabbit hole of anger.

Are we really just going to let this guy happily back in, after he left us out of the blue without any clues?

He is like a bad ex who comes back years later and sees you're in a good place. Being cool with each other shouldn't be that easy.

My anger towards him is starting to make me believe he is the reason I have abandonment issues. You know that fear that comes over you when you start feeling insecure and worry that something might be going wrong in a relationship, but everything is fine? Like you are just waiting for something to go wrong?

That is Steve's fault. Steve just left us. WITHOUT A CLUE. He taught us to look for clues, yet now we get called psycho if we go through someone's Facebook or Instagram page. You made us the monsters we are, Steve.

So save all your sweet words for the new generation of kids who can't breathe without a smartphone.

I will forgive you but I WON'T FORGET. I am not the only one who feels this way. Check out the TikToks below.


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