Not too long ago, I wrote about how El Paso helped Blockbuster stay open just a little bit longer before they all shut down. But now a former, and beloved, video rental store is planning an epic comeback in Austin! Bust out the old VCR because it looks like VHS is back!

I Luv Video in Austin

We Luv Video, Austin’s first nonprofit video rental library, screening space, and film-lover cultural center, is set to have their soft opening this weekend! Formerly known as "I Luv Video", We Luv Video is the passion project of Macy Cotton and her husband, Ryan Teel. Together, they began a grassroots movement to bring back I Luv Video after it finally closed down in 2020.

Delaney Van via Unsplash
Delaney Van via Unsplash

That's right, even through the rise of streaming platforms, I Luv Video held on, however it couldn't survive the blow that 2020 gave a lot of businesses. Original owner Conrad Bejarano eventually met up with Cotton and her husband who shared the idea of bringing back the beloved video store.

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Bejarano agreed to lend the couple his collection of an estimated 130,000 movies after Cotton and Teel raised enough money through crowdfunding. Evidently I Luv Video was a major staple in the lives of Austenite's because Cotton and Teel were able to find enough volunteers to help build and catalog all the movies! Cotton and Teel decided to name the revival "WE Luv Video" explaining to Austin's NPR Station:

It's about the We.

We Luv Video is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and at their soft opening they will have a ceremonial first rental to I Luv Video owner Bejarano.

We Luv Video will be locate at 100 N. Loop Blvd in east Austin. You can follow the adventures of We Luv Video here.

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