3 of the biggest cities in Texas have earned a dubious honor by Uber.

Parking issues, planning on drinking and traffic stress in general are just a few reasons why you may not be all about getting behind the wheel. Enter Uber.

Many Uber customers forget stuff. So many that Uber releases a lost and found index every year that includes the most forgetful cities. This year, 3 Texas cities made the top 10.

Austin is #1 for the second year in a row. Houston was #3 and Dallas got #5.

You can see the complete top 10 list here.

Drivers have found many common items left behind like cell phones, wallets, keys, vapes, headphones, etc.

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They have also find some really weird stuff like 500 grams of caviar, an antique walking cane with a sword, a finger nail and some teeth along with other stuff.

Be careful what day you use Uber too as it seems to make a difference when it comes to forgetfulness.

For example, Monday seems to be the most common day for peeps to forget glasses, chargers and cardholders. Read more here.

If you do leave something in an Uber, don't panic.

You can usually get it back easily enough by contacting the driver.

If your phone is the item you're missing, follow the steps below.

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  1. Tap “Your Trips” and select the trip where you left something.
  2. Scroll down and tap “Find lost item.”
  3. Tap “Contact driver about a lost item.”
  4. Scroll down and enter the phone number you would like to be contacted at.
  5. Tap submit. - uber

You can also use the Uber web chat feature to report a lost item or click here.

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