While scrolling through food porn, I always stumble upon some mighty proud Texas influencers. Full Nelson recently caught my attention because he claims to have invented the bite cam. A proud Texan residing in San Antonio, it looks like Full Nelson travels the state for some tasty treats. From burgers, and tacos to beers and desserts, he covers all types of flavors Texans might want to experience.

What is a Bite Cam?

Unlike those who just post photos of their food, Full Nelson says he wants his audience, "to FEEL like they were eating it with me." In order to do this, he sets up his camera as if you were sitting across from him.

Why Do We Love Food Photos?

Seriously, people love to look at food photos. Some even call it Food Porn. What research has found is that pop culture has made food photos an everyday thing, thanks to influencers, according to themanual.com.

Full Nelson banks off of this trend that has just become the norm in society. He uses his YouTube and Instagram to mostly showcase some flavors of San Antonio, but does go all around Texas. As someone who has never been to San Antonio, in my opinion, it basically looks like El Paso. Yet, most of Texas never wants to accept El Paso, but that is a whole other story.

What makes Full Nelson different from other foodies is he will fight you over a Whataburger Chorizo Burger.

Full Nelson has even traveled to El Paso to try Chico's Tacos. Of course, he had to add some flair when he was trying them out. Mixing Chico's green salsa and ketchup to make spicy ketchup is something I am surprised I haven't thought of before. That is why Full Nelson is the YouTube foodie and I am not.

For those who may not like to travel around to try new food, feel free to discover the beauty of the food world by joining in on these bite cam videos or any other food porn available all over the internet.

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