A farmer in southwest Texas made the shocking discovery of 5 young migrant girls, all under 7-years-old, dumped on his property.

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A farmer in Quemado, Texas says he found 5 young migrant girls dumped on his property this past weekend. Quemado is located in Maverick County and has a population of 243 people according to a 2000 census.

Farmer Jimmy Hobbs gave an interview to Texas Congressman Tony Gonzalez who then posted the video to his Facebook page. Hobbs said he was driving along his property line and saw the young girls on the bank of the river:

"Five little baby girls all by themselves, hungry, crying. One didn't have any clothes on."

The farmer said he called Border Patrol and the county constable to come and assist him the girls. Hobbs then called one of his farm worker's wives to come and console the girls who ranged in age from 7-years-old to as young as 11-months-old.

Three of the girls, ages 7, 3, and 2, are from Honduras while the other two girls, ages 5 and 11-months-old, are from Guatemala, per KVIA News.

The farmer told the congressman that he believes the girls wouldn't have made it in the scorching heat and being alone if he wouldn't have found them when he did. The girls were picked up by the Border Patrol and processed then handed over to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services according to the Daily Mail.

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