Do you know how big Texas is? Texas covers 268,597 square miles of land! Yes indeed, Texas is the biggest state in the United States.

With so much land covered and so many people covering the area, a lot goes on in a day in Texas. And with so many moving parts, there's a multitude of ideas and businesses. Everything moving all at once however, creates a simple problem.

In a state almost filled to the brim, there's a chance people and places get lost in the shuffle. It's not anything they're doing that eliminates them from being seen, it's just people not catching wind of whatever their business is.

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However, with the power of social media, those people and places are beginning to make their presence known. According to statista, it's estimated that people, on average, spend 147 on social media.

That's over 2 hours on the social networks. One big one is, of course, TikTok.

Let's examine one right in The Lone Star State, Texas Country Reporter

Texas Country Reporter covers basically everything from food:

To interesting tours:

And even music too!

How long has Texas Country Reporter been around the state?

Texas Country Reporter has been in existence since 1972. They're even celebrating their 50th year of reporting. For someone like me, this is a perfect organization to learn from. I'm still figuring out my way around the Lone Star State.

For those like me who like staying inside due to the Texas heat, it's also very helpful to see places that you'd like to visit once the heat settles down a little bit. Like this pool in for example:

Looks like it's time for adventure isn't it? Check out more of their TikTok here.

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