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Michelle Obama Raps With Veggies [VIDEO]
We all know that First Lady Michelle Obama is all about healthy eating, and she works hard to get kids to think it's cool to pass up processed foods in favor of fruits and veggies. She had planted a vegetable garden at the White House, and is always making appearances at schools to get kids excited …
President Obama Is A Baby Whisperer!
I just ran across the most highlarious video on youtube!  Turns out President Obama is not only good at killing terrorists, he can also quiet squalling babies with a single bounce!
Is Cap’n Crunch Dead?
There was an internet rumor setting the world on fire yesterday.  People were saying that Cap'n Crunch, whose full name by the way is Cap'n Horatio Magellan Crunch, was going the way of the dinosaurs after 48 years of smiling at us from the cereal aisle .  A world without the Cap…