When Acushnet resident Stephen Watts received an alert on his phone in the middle of the night, he didn’t expect to see a potential visitor on his camera.

Between Gazelle’s interaction with orbs and my experience with my strange cat, it sounds like spirits are getting bold on the SouthCoast. Is this another spirit making its presence is known or just a strange anomaly that appeared on Watt’s camera?

Stephen and his wife have lived in their Acushnet home for thirty years and installed cameras about three years ago. Nothing strange or unusual had ever happened, until last week, when unexplained movements were picked up on Watts’s camera three nights in a row.

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“One happened at around 10 pm, the other at 1:55 am, and the other at 3 am,” said Watts.

The first night, he woke up to an alert on his phone and his dog barking downstairs. He checked the video footage and saw something strange.

“I looked and there was a bright orb that came right at the camera and disappeared,” he said.

The following two nights, similar videos surfaced. One showed an orb traveling all over the room and appeared to have a trail of some kind. The other shows an orb appearing out of thin air and flying out of the frame.

“My wife said they are energy orbs coming to visit,” said Watts, and neither is losing sleep over a potential visit from the other side.

But what do you think? Is this a spirit caught on camera or something else?

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