Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who says she had a consensual affair with President Donald Trump in 2006, is scheduled to, ahem, "perform" in El Paso this summer.

Daniels will be doing two shows nightly at the Red Parrot Gentleman's Club in east El Paso on July 27 and July 28, according to the club website. Hey, girl's gotta pay bills, you know?

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Getty Images

The, ahem, "actress" is cashing in on her new found notoriety -- while clearly trolling the president -- by taking her act on the road in a nationwide strip-club tour titled “Make America Horny Again." Word is she's been shaking her moneymaker to big crowds, including at a recent stop in Detroit where she hit the stage with a Trump impersonator.

In between tour gigs and courthouse appearances, Daniels has been showing up on talk shows and news programs, including "60 Minutes," "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and most recently, "The View."

Her "60 Minutes" interview attracted 22.1 million viewers, its biggest audience since a 2008 interview with Barack Obama.

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