The Bad Bunny concert this weekend was sold out and if you checked out all the social media posts, you could see that it was a crazy good time. Not everyone who bought a ticket went to the concert, however. There was a Mexican family whose daughter spent a lot of her dad's money for VIP experience tickets that ended up costing the family a little over ten thousand dollars. The family tried to get rid of the tickets by raffling them off but there is no word on whether they were successful or if the dad is going to have to pay that credit card bill.

Sometimes at a concert, the performer on the stage isn't the only show at the show. El Paso concert legend Simon was a fixture at shows for decades. He showed up in crazy clothes, threw his jacket in the air, and ran through the crowd. He had a great time at the shows he went to and set the stage for a guy at the Bad Bunny show who went viral for his concert antics.

The guy in the video went to the Bad Bunny show in a Left Shark costume and got the crowd around him even more hyped up during the show than they already were. Left Shark, of course, became famous during the Katy Perry Super Bowl show from a few years ago. The guy in the costume at the Bad Bunny show seemed to be having a great time but he did get a little sweaty. Check him out.

@alanbrito984 Lo compré hace dos años para este momento #badbunnyconcert #elultimotourdelmundo #elpasotx ♬ sonido original - Alan Camarillo

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