Another shark attack has lead to a terrible loss – when a champion bodyboarder in South Africa was killed by a 13 foot long great white shark.

The attack happened off the coast of Gordons Bay, about 55 miles east of Cape Town.

The bodyboarder was 20 year old David Lilienfeld, he died soon after the shark severed his right leg below the hip and his brother who was out in the water with him helped him back to shore. Unfortunately, David lost too much blood and died before rescuers got to him.

It also turns out that this is the exact location where National Geographic films their documentary “Shark Men” which features scientist and anglers tagging sharks. Eye witnesses are claiming that this is leading the sharks to act the way they do.

This of course is not the first time a tragic accident like this happens. Do you think people are to blame for this, by aggravating the sharks, or is it time for sharks to adapt to humans in their territory?