In the '80s classic 'Adventures in Babysitting,' Elisabeth Shue's 17-year-old character agrees to watch her neighbors' kids after her date stands her up. What seems like a simple enough gig quickly descends into a madcap journey into downtown Chicago for the sitter and her suburban charges. The action-adventure-comedy was a hit when it came out in 1987, and there have long been rumors of a remake, with Raven-Symoné and Miley Cyrus each being tied to the project at some point.

But whatever happened to Shue and the rest of the kids that made up the cast of the original movie? Read on to see.

Elisabeth Shue, Chris Parker

Elisabeth Shue then and now

Then: Elisabeth Shue played the titular babysitter in ‘Adventures in Babysitting.’ Three years earlier, she had made her film debut as one of the stars of ’The Karate Kid.’

Now: Shue went on to play Marty McFly's girlfriend in 'Back to the Future II and III' and gained some acting cred for her Oscar-nominated role in 'Leaving Las Vegas.' After starring in a few turkeys ('Hollow Man'), Shue was "reintroduced" in the comedy 'Hamlet 2.' These days Shue is Julie Finlay on ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.’ The 48-year-old also has a supporting role in the comedy ‘Hope Springs,' and has three children with director Davis Guggenheim.

Maia Brewton, Sara Anderson

Maia Brewton Now and Then

Then: In ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ Brewton played Thor-obsessed eight-year-old Sara Anderson. She later starred on ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ as annoying sister Shelly Lewis.

Now: Brewton quit acting after ‘Parker Lewis.’ She graduated from Yale, got a law degree and is currently an attorney. The 34-year-old married her partner Lara Spotts in 2008 and the pair have twin boys.

Keith Coogan, Brad Anderson

Keith Coogan

Then: Coogan was Brad Anderson, the 15-year-old who has a crush on his little sister‘s babysitter in 'Adventures in Babysitting.' The grandson of actor Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester!), Coogan began acting when he was six, and is also known for his role in another childcare-themed comedy, 'Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter Is Dead.'

Now: Coogan's last film was the 2011 thriller 'Cats Dancing on Jupiter.' In addition to acting, the 42-year-old hosts ‘The Call Sheet,’ an entertainment industry-based podcast.

Anthony Rapp, Daryl Coopersmith

Anthony Rapp

Then: In 'Adventures in Babysitting' Rapp plays Daryl Coopersmith, Brad’s mischievous buddy who ends up coming along for the wild ride. It was his first movie role.

Now: While Rapp has popped up in films such as 'Dazed and Confused,' 'Road Trip' and 'A Beautiful Mind,' he is far more well known for playing the role of Mark Cohen in the Broadway, tour version and film adaptation of ‘Rent.’ His latest stage role is in 'Anthony Rapp’s Without You.'

Penelope Ann Miller, Brenda

Penelope Ann Miller

Then: Penelope Ann Miller played Brenda in 'Adventures in Babysitting.' Her character's attempt to run away from home  -- and subsequent call to Chris for help when she quickly runs out of cash and is stranded in a downtown bus station -- is the catalyst for the film's plot.

Now: Miller has enjoyed a long, successful career as an actress, despite her turns in clunkers like 'Big Top Pee Wee' and 'The Shadow.' She most recently appeared in the Academy Award winning film 'The Artist’ and was a recurring character on the TV show 'Men of a Certain Age.' She is married and has two children.

Bradley Whitford, Mike Todwell

Bradley Whitford

Then: In 'Adventures in Babysitting,' Bradley Whitford plays Chris’ boyfriend Mike Todwell, who stands her up for a date and then proves to be quite the two-timing sleazebag.

Now: Whitford has gotten a lot of mileage out of playing sleazy characters -- Eric Gordon in 'Billy Madison' comes to mind. He toned down the sleaze for his best-known role as White House Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Leyman on 'The West Wing.' The 52 year old was last seen playing Councilmen Pillner on an episode of 'Parks and Recreation.'

Vincent D'Onofrio, Dawson

Vincent D'onfrio

Then: D'Onofrio had to lose all the weight he had just gained to film his breakthrough performance in 'Full Metal Jacket' to play the part of "Dawson" (aka Thor) in 'Adventures in Babysitting.'

Now: D'Onofrio is probably best known these days for his work on 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent.' Now that the show is finished, he continues to work in film, most notably several movies by director Jennifer Lynch.

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