Here's the footage of how a crazed driver ended up crashing into the former Chase building in downtown El Paso.

KVIA recently shared a short video of an accident showing a truck that had crashed into the One San Jacinto Plaza (formerly Chase building) in downtown El Paso.

Soon after, new footage on FitFam El Paso revealed that the driver was initially inside The Cortez Annex parking garage after it had closed.

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Commentators on Instagram were left perplexed about how the truck could have ended up in such a position smashing into one of the building's pillars near the entrance.


It turns out that the newly shared security cam footage from inside the Cortez Annex parking garage shows a driver approach the ticket kiosk and then proceeds to reverse the truck before hauling rubber and crashing through the garage door.

The result seems to be that the driver lost control and visibility seconds before ramming into the Sunflower Bank entrance at San Jacinto Plaza across the street from the parking garage.

According to officials, the accident occurred just after 8 p.m. on Monday. While thankfully there were no serious injuries, we have more questions than answers, such as why there was anyone inside the parking garage after it had been closed in the first place.


If the person indeed had inadvertently been locked in, then why not call the non-emergency number for help?

And how did this person think they would get away with their destructive act when there are cameras everywhere these days.

Whatever the reason behind this crazy incident, the only person that lost out was the driver behind the wheel.

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