A few weeks ago Nico posted an article about the sheer frustration and madness caused by the traffic/construction/drivers at the intersection of Festival Street and Mesa.

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Well, the results are in the people," have spoken." It turns out that the intersection might be more annoying to a lot more people than you think.

The options were:

Yes, Nico, this intersection sucks based on past experience.

No Nico, you're just a baby.


I want to call you something worse than a  baby.

Sixty percent of respondents said agreed with me and said ya, it sucks based on past experience. Twenty percent said no, you're just a baby. And one dude wanted to call me something worse than a baby.


We know that my experiences with El Paso traffic are just a few out of the thousands that happen every day to other travelers. So I'm wondering what is the most frustrating intersection in El Paso? Can we actually find it maybe for some sort of bracket competition? Sweet 16 final four? Who knows maybe we'll even be able to get the city to do something about it.

However, this is just one of much frustrating traffic stops in El Paso which has everyone at the buzz Adams Morning Show wondering what's the most frustrating intersection in all of El Paso?

Contest Ideas?  Let us know what you think in the POLL BELLOW:

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