If you don't already know, Sunday is Valentine's Day. You better get your relationship holy day of obligation ducks in order because if you don't Valentine's Day might spell doom for your relationship, and that's according to science. Actual smart people say there are three reasons why screwing up on Valentine's Day could be fatal to your relationship.

1. Big expectations - We think that Valentine's Day is going to be all hearts and flowers and when it isn't we feel letdown. Relationship experts say if your significant other is expecting a Pinterest Valentine's Day spread, do it, or at least as close as you can get. If you don't and they know you know that's what they want it will become weaponized and probably get brought up every time you guys argue.

Brendon Thorne
Brendon Thorne
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2. You're gonna be under a microscope - If you get the wrong kind Valentine's Day gift your SO might feel bad by comparison to their co-workers and friends. You know your SO better than anyone so if you know they want the big bouquet, the teddy bear, and the Pinterest celebration, give it to them. It's once a year and it will keep a lot of arguments from happening.

Man apologizing with flowers

3. It will only get worse - If you think your relationship is already on shaky ground, experts say that a bad Valentine's Day could throw the cracks between you and your SO into sharp focus and make them think twice about staying with you. Extreme? Possibly, but if there are problems, dissatisfaction with something as simple as Valentine's Day could be the last straw.

Robert Daly
Robert Daly

Mike and I were discussing Valentine's Day gifts on Thursday morning and just so you don't make this mistake, fellas, here are the Valentine’s Day Gifts women are most disappointed by. Don't get these or else you'll really mess up Valentine's Day:

28% of women say flowers are lame.
22% of women say don't even think about getting them a heart-shaped box of chocolates
25% of women say they don't find a funny card very funny on Valentine's Day
24$ of women say a Valentine's Day gift of lingerie will get you nowhere, if you know what I mean, and I think you do
19% of women for some reason think champagne isn't the way to have a bubbly Valentine's Day. I don't agree and am happy to get a gift of champagne any day.
18% of women say seriously? A love coupon book? *eyeroll emoji*

Men, you should commit this list to memory because a lot of women consider anything on it a huge cop-out and shows you don't take into account their preferences. My take on that list? They're way too cliche and should never be a gift on any holiday.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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