El Pasoan Gilbert-Ian Rueda brings his two passion's to the Sun City's youth, TEACHING AND WRITING, with the debut of his children's book, "Santosh the Little Elephant!"

Rueda has spent the last few months educating parents and their children in the 915 on the importance of literacy by going to various nonprofits, homeless shelters, hospitals, and bookstores. He has also conducted writing workshops for kids in Segundo Barrio to promote literacy.  A firm believer that imagination is a catalyst for adventure which inspires his greatest goal in life: visiting a new place or country every summer.

The story begins with Santosh the Little Elephant dealing with a BIG, dilemma.  His family has to move.  Not across town, but to another continent…across the OCEAN!!! What is Santosh to do?  Santosh has an idea! He has a great idea! But, will it work? And, if it doesn't, then what? Will he accept his fate?(thanks Gilbert for this)   WHAT's GOING TO HAPPEN????

Gilbert has brought together a story that WE have all gone through, whether it is a new job, new school, or relationship, he has brought it all together in helping our kids see how they can work these feelings out, by accepting change.

This book signing is a BRILLIANT family event, especially for teachers, come celebrate Gilbert-Ian Rueda, a child at heart and SUPPORT in spreading the love reading with youth of the Southwest!

Quenching beverages and snacks will be served. Lots of awesome surprises and lots of free gifts just for going!  Saturday, October 15th at 1 p.m. at Ibero Academy located at 5141 Upper Valley Rd, El Paso, Texas, 79932.