As many El Pasoans begin to get back out onto the streets to enjoy events and just everyday experiences, one local couple will be putting their hat into the food truck ring.

Luna's Sugar High is a profile I found while scrolling through Facebook. I was intrigued by the profile's Facebook photo since it is an ice cream cone, inspired by Sailor Moon's cat Luna.

If you do not know who Sailor Moon is, you need to see this video below.

Super catchy song, right?

I grew up watching and loving Sailor Moon! A girl who has superpowers and a cat? That is all I ever wanted to be!

Well, I have the cats but no superpowers. I am hoping I can live my Sailor Moon dreams by eating ice cream inspired by the show, thanks to the latest creations from Luna's Sugar High.

As a pregnant woman, I have been desperately craving ice cream, but need to watch my sugar intake. The struggle is real when it comes to trying to resist such sugary treats since they look delicious but as it says in their name, you will probably end up on a sugar high.

Not all highs are good and you might come crashing down, but you know the risks when trying one of these treats. Named after characters of the show, these treats have all the bells and whistles for Sailor Moon fans.

Hopefully you will be seeing this food truck around El Paso to join other deliciousness from local businesses like Social Ice and Blue Collar Shaved Ice.

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