If you don’t duck, you may get hit with some of the mud that Katy Perry and soon-to-be ex husband Russell Brand are slinging at one another.

The latest reports say that Brand is blaming the couple’s divorce on Perry — and that he refuses to speak with the ‘Firework’ singer.

Hollywood Life says that Perry was shocked by the split and is still struggling to process everything. “Katy is depressed and confused,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She can’t believe how cold Russell has been acting toward her. He is very bitter.”

The source  also noted that when the pair was supposed to meet up in Los Angeles to hash out divorce details, Brand was difficult to deal with. “He hasn’t taken any responsibility for his part and is behaving like a spoiled brat,” the Perry pal said. “He feels betrayed, which makes absolutely no sense and on top of it, Russell will not open up about why he feels the way he feels. He just keeps playing the blame game! Not only has Katy lost her husband, she feels like she lost her best friend.”

The source added that Brand “has basically cut off all communication with her.” While that may be true, Perry certainly reciprocated — unfollowing Brand on Twitter and eliminating their wedding footage from her live shows.

We hope that Perry and Brand can get along without so much drama — though we hear it’ll make for a killer book and some awesome new songs, so maybe it’s for the best!

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