With everyone from Justin Bieber to Fifth Harmony weighing in on Zayn Malik's decision to leave One Direction, Ringo Starr — fourth member of the Beatles, aka the biggest boy band in history — addressed the situation.

Although Ringo found himself at the epicenter of Beatles Mania in the '60s, he told Entertainment Tonight that things are much different for singers today.

"They are under a lot of pressure, the kids out there today," he said. "We were under a lot of pressure but compared to them, we were on holiday. And we could go on holiday and it was fine. And we always went together, that was mad too. We always shared a room in a hotel and we always went on holiday in at least twos. But I think the pressure now is because you cannot move. Somebody is on the phone, they're photographing you and filming you and anything that happens and you've got that 30 mile-radius here that are always outside everywhere. The pressure's more now."

In case you were wondering, Ringo is also very positive about the future of the band, adding, "I don't think this will stop One Direction. They're just going in another direction. The right direction."

Speaking of fame, the director of One Direction's This Is Us documentary revealed that Zayn always grappled withhis  celebrity.

"He always struggled with being on the road. He's a homebody," Morgan Spurlock told Huffington Post Live. "He wanted nothing more than to sit in his house and spray paint and draw and do art, and I think this explosion that happened to him — which was something none of them ever predicted — I think he was the one who struggled with [fame] the most. And being away, being on the road, being away from his girlfriend I think finally just got to him, and I think he said, 'I'm done.'"

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