The Rihanna-Chris Brown reunion rumors contain to blaze like an out of control fire as the 2012 Grammy Awards draw near. Sources indicate that that the former couple — whose relationship imploded three years ago on the eve of the Grammys when Breezy beat up RiRi — spent four hours together in a dressing room during the practice week for the big show.

RiRi herself doused the flames with a suggestive tweet that makes us think that there is some truth to all these stories. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

A friend of RiRi told Hollywood Life that “Rihanna and Chris Brown just spent four hours behind closed doors in a dressing room at the Staples Center where the Grammy Awards are being held this Sunday,” the friend said. “They care about each other and they do talk a lot, but they feel like they have to hide their feelings for each other.”

It’s been repeatedly reported that RiRi just can’t stay away from Breezy.

The friend admitted: “Rihanna knows everyone will judge her, and even her family and closest friends do not want them to be back together. Rihanna is afraid if she is seen with Chris it will have a negative impact on her career. She is definitely torn. And most likely she will choose her career over Chris.”

Another source close to the situation confirmed that there are feelings and they still speak. “There are still feelings between them both and they do still speak with each other quite often,” the source said. “The times they have been in the same building at the clubs the last couple weeks were never a coincidence. They always know where each other will be and would hang out more but they don’t want to be photographed together.” Case in point: a Super Bowl party last weekend. They left via separate exits. That’s no accident.

The source continued: “Rihanna’s people have said on a constant basis to her and she seems to understand that any type of video or picture of them together and happy would be very bad for her image. They can’t control them hanging out but they are doing everything to control its never seen. So their relationship and friendship is strictly behind closed doors.”

Make that behind closed dressing room doors.

RiRi isn’t exactly listening to her team, as an hour after tweeting about Grammy rehearsal, she posted another loaded tweet. She wrote: “#1LOVE RT @TheNoteboook: Feelings that come back are feelings that never truly went away.” It’s not the first time they’ve tweeted secret love messages.

How can that not be about Brown?

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