If you’ve been looking for an excuse to dress up in period costume and use 17th century words and phrases like 'thee’ and ‘Good morrow good sir, doth thou know the way to the privvy?’ than save Nov. 6 and 7 in your phone calendar.

That is when the annual Renaissance ArtsFaire returns to Young Park in Las Cruces.

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After a challenging 2020 that forced the event to go completely online due to the global pandemic, this year’s fair RenFair is back to being an in-person event. It will be business-as-usual for the 50th anniversary celebration with most of the familiar activities and vendors you know and love returning.

I hear the knights will once again entertain and dazzle the crowd with live steel sword fighting, mounted medieval games and races, and jousting. Ah yes, the jousting. It wouldn’t be a Renaissance ArtsFaire without the jousting.

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Getty Images

Also returning is the Dragon's Eye Tavern, costumed vendors and entertainers, and the medieval atmosphere that the lake, trees and rolling lawns of Young Park offers.

Oh, and the giant turkey legs. They are going to sell turkey legs, aren't they? I don't care that the history nerds insist turkey legs would not have been found anywhere in Europe during the middle ages.

50th Annual Renaissance Artsfaire

Two days of family fun, entertainment, shopping, art and merriment in Las Cruces. And turkey legs.

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• November 6-7, 2021
• Tickets $10 or two for $15.
• Tickets available at all Pic Quik stores or online at daarts.org

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