There are several animal attractions in and around El Paso. Given our typically mild fall-early winter weather, this would be a great time to check 'em out.

The El Paso Zoo is awesome and so are these other places:

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All those places are pretty easy to get too but, if you don't mind a little driving, there are several other cool animal oriented places and events throughout the area. If you're up for a quick daytrip, keep these attractions and events in mind:

  • The Alamogordo Zoo. It's not very big but it's really cool. It's also said to be the oldest zoo in the southwest, having been first opened in 1898. It's an easy drive, about 70 miles from the Northeast edge of El Paso on US-54. From Las Cruces, take Highway 70.
  • The Deming Duck races are pretty entertaining too. Deming is about 100 miles east of El Paso and about 60 miles from Las Cruces via I-10 east.
  • Just about anywhere in Ruidoso can become an animal watching site. Take US-54 from El Paso to Alamogordo, then Highway 70 into Ruidoso.
Baby Giraffe Meets Its Public At Ramat Gan Zoo
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Whether you stay in town or take a quick trip out of town, there are lots of ways to enjoy the areas wildlife and some non-native animals too. You can also just take a stroll out in  the desert and see lots of animals but keep your eyes open.

Not all animals are friendly and snakes can be downright mean.

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