Adam Lambert and Queen's performance at the 2013 iHeartRadio Music Festival was the most talked about of the weekend, and with good reason! They slayed it! Now, the rock legends are opening up about working with Lambert ...and about how much they love doing just that.

"He's extraordinary," guitarist Brian May gushed. "It speaks for itself, his voice. That's one voice in a billion. Adam can do things which really I have never heard anyone else ever do in my life."

He added, "We have a chance to do great things with Adam Lambert. He really is a wonderful foil for us, so it's a kind of gift from heaven, really."

Drummer Roger Taylor also was impressed with the 'American Idol' alum. "I think even since we did a short tour of Europe last year with Adam, and even since then, he's just -- come on, he's just amazing. He's such a great interpreter of our songs and he has a great stage presence and we really enjoy working with him."

May wasn't just thrilled with Lambert's vocals, but also with his character. "It's a lot of fun, too. He's nice to work with," May said. "He's fun and light and he doesn't have any airs and graces, and you know, he just gets on with it with us, and we seem to just, we feel like a family. It's nice."

May is more than aware of how rare a talent like Lambert's is, revealing that the 'Trespassing' singer even inspires the legendary band to work a little harder. "It wouldn't happen with, you know, a billion other people, but it just works with him," he smiled. "It feels comfortable and nice, and challenging, also, because he puts different interpretations on the songs, so it gets us to play a little differently. So, it's nice, it's alive."

As for Taylor's idea of how it all works out? It's a little more simple. "Whiskey!"

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