We've seen El Pasoans appear on game shows before; some end up winning BIG. from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Let's Make A Deal, Jeopardy, and of course, The Price is Right.

We've seen in the past two contestants from El Paso appear on the show. On February 13th, 2023, we saw another contestant appear on The Price is Right; the 3rd from El Paso, Texas: David Barrientos. It was certainly hard to miss David on tv; he was seen wearing a black Price is Right shirt that said "pick me".

Well they did pick him, and he was ready for the challenge...

If you missed seeing the episode live on tv, here are some highlights from David's appearance on The Price is Right:

He was selected as one of the four contestants in the opening bid; he got selected after getting close to the actual retail price on the 2nd product.

His first challenge would be the Lucky Seven.

His next challenge spinning... The Big Wheel. It was here that he of course said hello to his family watching him & he even a shout out to his home of El Paso, Texas so everyone knew where he was from, and who was going to win on this day.

He would win the 1st Big Wheel spin; locking his place into the Showcase Showdown.

After both showcases were revealed, it was time to place his final bet on his particular showcase: $26,888.

Let's see if it was enough for David to win...

Sure enough, he DID IT! David won nearly $30,000 worth of prizes. Not bad for winning on The Price Is Right. So congratulations to David & El Paso appreciates the shout out on TV!

If you want to watch the WHOLE episode, CBS thankfully uploaded the whole episode on their website so you can watch it anytime you want.

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