Someone call Rihanna because Trump better have our money. As El Paso continues to be used in the immigration debate, our news partners at ABC-7 have uncovered the 29-page invoice that shows what Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. still owes the City of El Paso.

Seriously here is how ABC-7 has broken it down as to what departments still haven't received payment:

Department of Aviation: $6,286.57
Fire Department: $60,630.84
Health Department: $528
Streets & Maintenance: $6,452
Sun Metro: $15,577.52
Police Department: $380,942.12

YIKES! That is a good amount of money that the City of El Paso should really receive back. The President Trump campaign rally was a huge event for El Paso and it brought hope to President Trump fans in our area, along with crazy traffic and police presence, so no surprise about how high this bill is. As of April 29th, no payment has happened but ABC-7 has confirmed the Trump Campaign did pay the $5,000 venue rental fee, according to Brian Kennedy, CEO of El Paso Sports Commission. 

So if Rihanna could totally step in and help us get our money, I would truly appreciate it.

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