Hasley lost $30,000 Dollars in a beer pong match to Post Malone, years ago. At least, that is what Halsey claims happened.

Seriously, that is how the producers of Post Malone's Celebrity World Beer Pong League open up the latest episode of his series, exclusively on Facebook Messenger.

That is a huge slap to everyone's face who has played beer pong for only bragging rights.

Now that I pointed that out, you need to see two of America's current favorite music artists showcase their beer pong skills for a chance to win a belt.

Halsey brings along her brother to take on Post Malone. There is no money on the line this time but whoever loses has to write a song about the other one winning.

In a heated battle, the tension is broken once they start talking about how they collaborated on 'Die for Me' off of Post Malone's 'Hollywood's Bleeding' album.

Halsey even shares how Post Malone is her favorite collaboration. While it was a sweet gesture, Posty takes it as a fake compliment. Since, you know, they are in a competition right now.

Ultimately, these two artists continue to battle it out until the last ball falls.

You can watch it by clicking here.

I have no idea why I can't embed the video but whatever, you can still watch it through that link above.

I hope one day when this pandemic is over and tours can happen again, Post Malone and Halsey will tour together.

If they do, I hope they have an El Paso date and then somehow, someway, my dreams of hanging out with them will come true. Cheers to a future filled with concerts.

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