El Paso’s Plaza Hotel makes the list on Forbes' most exciting hotel openings of 2020.

The Plaza Hotel has a new name, The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park, and it’s getting ready to open this spring in April.

The landmark skyscraper is steeped in history and was originally the Sheldon Hotel which was erected back in 1884 before it burned down in 1929. The hotel actually served as the unofficial headquarters for participants of the Mexican Revolution on both sides of the border between 1910 and the 1920s.

After the Sheldon Hotel burned Conrad Hilton founder of the Hilton Hotel chain began construction on what would be one of his new hotels. However, less than a month into construction the stock market crashed during the Great Depression yet construction continued and in 1930 the hotel opened. During the height of its splendor, through 1947, Conrad Hilton resided in the hotel, and so did his mother. The high-rise hotel also drew in many celebrities such as Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor who once lived in its storied penthouse. Taylor was once married to Conrad Hilton’s son, Nicky, and during the filming of her 1956 blockbuster, Giant she resided in the hotel as well.

Hilton’s high-rise hotel was also once the tallest building in El Paso measuring 239 feet. Today, the hotel designed by Trost & Trost is the fourth tallest building outlining El Paso's downtown skyline. The historic boutique property features and Art Deco design, a brick-and-concrete facade and a Spanish-tiled pyramidal crown at its peak where the view of El Paso is nothing short of spectacular.

Now almost 90 years from its inception the Plaza Hotel is set to reopen with much anticipation as Forbes magazine has named it one of the most exciting hotel openings of the year.

The Plaza Hotel has undergone extensive renovations and is slated to open in the spring of 2020 with bookings available beginning May 1st. The iconic 130-room hotel property is in the final stages of completion with new additions including the Ámbar Restaurante, over 7,000 square feet of event space, historic memorabilia and world-class amenities.

We can hardly wait until The Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park opens its doors to the world reestablishing itself as the Legendary Heart of El Paso.


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