Making jokes or tweeting about bombs is not a good idea -- EVER! -- as one overzealous Pink fan recently found out.

A 16-year-old Australian Pink fan was arrested upon arriving at one of the 'Give Me a Reason' singer's Down Under gigs due to a tweet gone wrong. He made a clumsy reference to 'Timebomb,' a song from 'The Truth About Love,' hashtagged the tweet to the venue and it was misread as a bomb threat.

While it was all a big misunderstanding, it reminds us to be careful what we send out into the digital space, since it could have serious consequences.

The NME reports that the teen is facing criminal charges and was removed from the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne on Sunday (July 7) night. The staff at the venue actually recognized the fan from his Twitter photo.

His tweet, which has since been deleted from the feed, read as follows: "@Pink I'm ready with my Bomb. Time to blowup #RodLaverArena B----."

It's easy to see how that could be interpreted as a bomb threat if you are not familiar with Pink's catalog. It's also poorly worded. Playing devil's advocate, would someone planning to blow up an arena really reveal their intentions and plot on Twitter?

The teen has since been released and told the press that it was all very innocent, saying,
"It was meant to be about drop the effects, the music, everything -- just drop it all."

The sister of the fan who committed the Twitter gaffe defended him, pointing out he traveled a distance of three hours and ended up missing the show while he waited for their parents to arrive.

"We don’t think it should be going to court because of the way they handled him. They pulled him, they threw him on the ground and locked him up," she said. "We had to go there at midnight to sort it out and we thought we had to bail him, we thought he’d been killed, we didn’t know what to think. It was freezing cold, and he didn’t mean it like that. He wrote it as in one of her songs is called 'Timebomb' and he forgot to put the 'Time' on there. We are a decent family and we don’t have bombs and stuff like that. We’re not terrorists and we don’t want people to think that."

While her point is well-taken and it's likely the family does not run a bomb-making operation, her brother hopefully learned a valuable lesson. You can't just toss the word bomb around like that. And just forgetting the "Time" part of the song is pretty big memory fail.

Pink has yet to comment on the situation.