As a kid, I hated waiting in line to hit a piñata.

As an adult, I love piñatas. They just make everything festive.

Now that I have my own money and don't really need a reason to buy a piñata, I have been trying to look for different types of piñatas. When I say types, I mean designs, not characters.

I do plan to get a Yolanda piñata one day.

But back to the different design ideas.

While scrolling through TikTok, I found a whole bunch of different piñata videos. Some of the videos just show people breaking piñatas but those are ordinary videos.

The ones I have found to share with you show different types of piñatas

A piñata that doesn't require a stick.

Sometimes the stick can cause some injuries, not only to children but drunk adults.

One filled with alcohol.

@nomosalads Best Saturday activity @bdav0 @s_kaps #nipyata #boozy #VideoSnapChallenge #pinata ♬ UCKERS - Shygirl

A HUGE one.

A chocolate one.

@ashes1347 I took my awesome mother in law for a chocolate pinata for her birthday #OREOBdayStack #birthday #pinata #chocolate #OutlanderChallenge ♬ original sound - Ashli Holcomb

A balloon one you can wear.

@popdesigns Piñata attack! #ballooncostume #popdesigns #pinata #sugarskull #breakingthings #fyp ♬ Piñata Attack! - Spanish Version - Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

And we all know some people can even make a sexy piñata to get all the attention at the party.

@noemigarciaaaaa #ColorCustomizer #parati #mexico #pinata #halloween #disfraz #prima #morenita #guerita ♬ IgFlavia.ferz - ♡♡

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