As a cat owner, I often get a little envious of dog owners when I see them out and about at happy hour with their furry companion along with them. I know for sure that I could not ever take my cat to such events; they're well behaved cats but I think the amount of people would make them skittish.

Well, with a friend of mine coming out of town, I knew that I would have to find some pet friendly places for us to get together because he takes his dog, Lola, everywhere! I know we're going to want some drinks, maybe some tasty bites, and most importantly, somewhere where Lola can be comfortable.

Here are six pet-friendly patios where you can have all three.

Hope & Anchor 4012 N. Mesa 

Home to one epic patio, Hope & Anchor welcomes you and your furry companion (as long as they are leashed). They even have their own mascot, Wolfie, who looks so regal in the above picture!

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Aceitunas 5200 Doniphan 

You and your furry friend can join in on "Yappy Hour" at this beer garden's beautiful indoor-outdoor patio look, complete with a waterfall and pond.

Love Buzz 3011 Pershing 

Love Buzz is probably one of the coolest joints in the Five Points neighborhood. And if I could somehow get my cats to behave on a leash, I would definitely take my fur babies!

Gringo Theory 11410 Montana Ave.

Probably the one I hear about the most, Gringo Theory has a gorgeous patio bar on the far eastside of El Paso that boasts tons of outdoor games, lots of outdoor seating and a grassy area just for your pooch.

Fool's Gold Bar 2700 N. Mesa

In the heart of the Cinncinatti entertainment district, Fool's Gold and their outdoor patio allows you to enjoy happy hour and yappy hour for your pup!


The Hoppy Monk 4141 N. Mesa 

You can enjoy a Sunday brunch, and a mimosa, with your fur baby at Hoppy Monk's closed in patio that offers some privacy from the busy traffic of Mesa Street.

Inside Rubik's Arcade Bar In West El Paso

If you've ever wondered what the inside of Rubik's Arcade Bar located on Mesa St looks like, now you can see for yourself.

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