Check out these brutally negative reviews by random people about our beautiful city of El Paso, TX.

I must start by admitting that when my family made the move to El Paso,Texas from California I was baffled. El Paso did not compare to Los Angeles one bit and I was pretty much depressed when we first made the move. I didn’t care for the city and in fact, I left and moved to Portland, Oregon right after college but after being gone after a few years I returned to El Paso and the second time around I saw our city with a whole new perspective. Maybe I was just too young at the time and didn’t really give El Paso a chance but I have to say, El Paso is a fantastic place to live.  The people, food, weather, the mountains, and the glorious sunsets are but a few of the qualities that our charming city holds.  The longer you live here, the more gems you find, and while our city may not be perfect, it is a great place to raise a family and I consider it home.

I may be a fan now but these folks aren’t so much – check out some of the negative reviews some people have given our Sun City.

Reviews found on the Niche:

"El Paso in general isn't a good place to live. People are rude and impatient. There are too many illegal aliens that are here, but since it's a border city not much can be done about it."

"There are no unique affordable places."

"People are nt that pleasant people are not the best around no fun things to do around here"

"I’ve been in El Paso for five months now. This is not a city I would recommend to anyone wanting to establish roots. UNLESS you do not mind trash littered on every street. About 80 percent of houses have bars on windows and doors. Is this an indication of the high crime rate? Do citizens feel unsafe in their homes? People are rude or indifferent to customers. Service people don’t show up for scheduled appointments. I’ve encountered a lackadaisical attitude from everyone I’ve met. Perhaps I’ve just been in better cities that set the bar high. My stay here is almost over. Unfortunately I have yet to find a redeeming quality of this city."

"El Paso is a border city. The people are not very friendly. There seems to be racial tension since the Police chief said black lives don't matter. There is a lot of crime and people dress very scantly."

"There is absolutely nothing to do here. Its so boring. I'm from Chicago, Illinois so I'm used to seeing different seasons and having water nearby. But no, its so dry here and its hot every single day of the year."

"If you aren't Hispanic, you're treated with hatred. Be kind to everyone regardless of how rudely you're treated. There are some people that care regardless of the color of your skin. Also, the nondenominational churches are dry and the community is 90% catholic. I feel the town is Spiritually asleep."

"This is very similar to a ghetto."

Reviews found on Best Places:

"Ill begin with saying, the living expenses are dirt cheap. You can buy a decent home for under 200k maybe even less than 100k. Thing is the pay is also dirt cheap here as well. If you are single and want to live alone, it's almost impossible. That's why there's over a 50% marriage rate here in El Paso. There is a lot of mixed characters here, but people are not friendly. They are very egotistic and pretentious without holding any actual educational value, or anything to uphold them to the imaginary standard they've made for themselves. The educational system here is extremely bad, utep has an acceptance rate of 99.9 at least. Also there is a lot of drivers from mexico so its bad like really bad make sure you have uninsured motorist in your policy. Its cheap to live here, but the people and atmosphere make it unbearable. If you have a choice, don't pick el paso."

"Please stay away from this city, there is no progress here it is all lies. The city is in a constant state of depression, the locals are racist against whites and blacks, and the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. If you want to move to a place and be unhappy, then move right in. If you are Looking for something more, keep driving."

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