I was reading the super-local neighborhood paper last night and saw that one of our old neighbors had died.

I showed my wife. "Hey, look at this, " I said.  "Uniform Guy passed away."

I honestly said it with a straight face. No part of me was trying to be disrespectful. For all the years we lived in that apartment, my wife and I called the guy next door "Uniform Guy."

Uniform Guy was an old, retired guy, but every morning he'd come out of the house to work on his yard, tinker with his truck or just sweep his driveway like it was his job.  He wore an army-green, head-to-toe Dickie's jumpsuit uniform.

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Every day.

To be honest, I was jealous of Uniform Guy. There are so many days that I wish Fun 107 had a required uniform. It would make dressing for work so much easier.  Plus, I saw Uniform Guy fill his days doing all of the tasks I needed to squeeze into already busy, short weekends.

LISTEN:  Callers share their neighbor nicknames.

It got me thinking about all of the nicknames we've had for our neighbors over the years.  I remember when we were growing up, my dad had nicknames for two kids in the neighborhood. They were "Chainsaw" and "Firestarter."

Chainsaw, who was about 9 years old at the time, got his nickname from walking around his yard, without adult supervision, cutting down branches with a chainsaw.

His younger brother, Firestarter, would be in charge of watching over the burning leaves after a fall cleanup. I wish I had an update on whether or not they survived their teen years.

We had so much fun taking calls on this topic this morning, we put up this question on our Facebook page. We heard about "Mrs. Kravitz, The Nosey Neighbor; Sanford and Son; and even a lady in the South End of New Bedford who was nicknamed by the police. You can hear more about that in the clip above.

Tell us your neighbor's nickname.  Be sure to include how they earned it.

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