Parents of high school marching band members know how tough the football season is. There are endless practices, fundraising, and, of course, games at which to perform. But all that has come to a screeching halt at Andress High School because they don't have a band director.

The El Paso Independent School District has been trying to hire a new band director ever since the previous one was hired away by the Socorro Independent School District this summer. Without a band director to lead the band onto the field, they spent last Friday's game against Hanks at their home stadium sitting in the stands.

Some parents feel that this wouldn't have happened if a westside school was without a band director, but EPISD said they have posted the job twice and it will go out for a round of interviews. The district had offered the position to someone before the start of the school year, but that person said no to the offer.

EPISD also said they want to find the right person for the position because Andress has lost two band directors and they don't want the school to lose another. A substitute is now in place and EPISD has hired some outside help from UTEP that's expected to arrive soon.