Sony wussed out to the North Korean terrorists who have been hacking their emails and won't release 'The Interview' with Seth Rogan and James Franco. Now, another movie company is making us all look stupid by not letting a Dallas-Fort Worth movie theater show 'Team America: World Peace'.

Seriously, Hollywood, what the hell?

The Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas was going to show 'Team America' on December 27th in response to Sony saying "Yessir, whatever you say, sir, Mr. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un", when terrorists in that country said they would blow stuff up movie theaters in the U.S. if Sony released 'The Interview'. But, Paramount, who owns 'Team America', has told the Drafthouse that they can't show 'Team America'.

So is this really all about a movie? No. It's about not giving in to terrorists! What are they going to demand next? Turn off the internet? Make your women wear burkas? No more Starbucks? You let terrorists tell you what to do once, and the next thing you know, Somali pirates are going to threaten to row a canoe into New York harbor and set off a bomb. Is it possible? Of course, it is. But is it likely? No.

We cannot let some idiot tell us what to do. This is our country. We don't negotiate with terrorists, and we don't let them tell us what the hell we can and cannot watch. Sony, you blew it. And the rest of us will have to deal with the consequences of your capitulation giving other foreign idiots ideas.

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