Learn how to paint with this awesome painting class led by local artists from El Paso.

It’s no secret that El Paso houses some of the most talented artists around which are easily visible from the numerous murals that can be seen across the city.

Now you too can learn how to paint like the pros with this art class being offered at El Paso’s Finest. The art course will cover the basic skills of painting including concepts and materials. The class will guide students on how to correctly implement drawing and design technics. The month-long course will also help develop skills in color, light, shadow, and composition.

El Paso’s Finest will also be hosting an art exhibition created by the students on Friday, March 1, 2019, showcasing their artwork for friends and family at the shop at El Paso’s Finest. The 4-week art course will include all the materials needed, including paint, canvas, and brushes.

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