The owner of the husky canine, who he abandoned in Horizon last week in a video that has since gone viral, has finally been arrested.

According to various local and national news outlets, including KFOX14, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office has arrested a man in the pet cruelty abandonment case involving a husky canine.

On Friday, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office arrested 68-year-old Luis Antonio Campos on animal cruelty charges and expected to arrest another suspect in the case.

Earlier last week, a video went viral when a silver Jeep pulls over the side of the road in Horizon as someone gets out to unleash the dog before getting back into the car and speeding away as the dog runs after its owners.

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It turns out that the person who filmed the evil deed was out there looking to rescue other abandoned animals when they came across the incident. The video is heartbreaking, especially seeing how the dog runs after its owners as the car leaves him behind. But thanks to the anonymous person that captured the whole gut-wrenching moment on video, the beautiful husky has a second chance at a new life with a new family.




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After seeing the video, the Clapsaddle family stepped in to adopt the abandoned dog, renaming it Nanook by its new owners, named after the pet husky in the 1987 film The Lost Boys.

While we are happy to report that Nanook has found a new name and loving home, we are even more relieved that justice will prevail now that the previous owner(s) will be held accountable for their horrible acts.

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