El Paso has more than enough Mexican restaurants, that's for sure but did you ever think that El Paso has too many of one kind of restaurant? Well one El Paso Twitter user does and she has had enough of it!

Vivi, or @breakfastatvivi, took to Twitter to voice her displeasure with the amount of wing places in town- and instead petition to have more pasta places in town!

As someone who loves wings, I don't think there's TOO many, but I do agree that there doesn't seem to be any pasta places. And she's not alone in thinking so, the Tweet itself garnered over one-thousand likes, which means they all kind of agree with her!

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We have the basic, chain Italian restaurants, which doesn't seem to be enough for @breakfastatvivi, or for those who agreed with her. But that is not enough; which I agree with.

Pasta is a comfort food for a reason, and pasta being made is kind of an art form- at least judging by amount of pasta making videos on TikTok. So yeah, why don't we have more pasta places in El Paso, myself and one thousand other people on Twitter want to know why.

Which brings me to my second point, does El Paso have too many wing places? My one complaint about wing places is that they're not open late! While I do not agree with Vivi on the wing places, I do agree that we are in need of some more pasta places- we need carb variety! Give us all the carbs! So if you've dabbled in pasta making, now is your time to make your debut, because we need it!

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