Music just isn't the same anymore. Some of the greatest hits are from the eras that have past. The '90s and '80s are great but don't forget some of the top songs from the '70s.

The first favorite we will start with is still a classic. Gloria Gaynor was the sweetheart of the '70s and "I Will Survive" is a karaoke hit even today. Her hit peaked at number one March 10, 1979.

This next favorite is an all age all time classic. Whenever it comes on at a party or a bar the crowd goes wild. Wild Cherry peaked with their number one hit September 18, 1976.

You're so vain, you'll probably think this next song is about you. Not really but really the next song is Carly SImon's "You're So Vain". It peaked at number one January 6, 1973

This next song just melts me everytime I hear it. Not even a '70s child I love me some Marvin Gaye. This song peaked at number one on September 8, 1973.

Last but not least, because we could go on and on, this is another song that lights up the dancefloor. Awwwwwwweeee freak out! Chic's "Le Freak" peaked at number one on December 9, 1978.

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