I never thought I would see the day a Walmart in El Paso would make this mistake. Normally we are used to seeing pictures like this happening everywhere else but here. But if it has happened here before this is my first time seeing it.

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A woman Hailey Riane spotted something that caught her off guard. What she had noticed at Walmart was too good to pass up taking a picture of. But what she noticed you may have also noticed too at a Walmart in the Northeast.

Hailey Riane shared the picture she took of something she found wrong at the store. Can you spot what's wrong with this picture? Sometimes some people take a while to notice the smallest things. While others catch certain things like this faster than others. It's surprising that it wasn't fixed beforehand and lasted long enough for Hailey to capture a photo.

If you spotted what is wrong with it, it makes you wonder how none of the employees caught this. Hailey Riane sure did get a laugh out of this and we all did after she shared it. Now we know no one is perfect and we all make mistakes that make us the laughing stock.

So if you need a clue as to what is wrong with this picture, the Oscar Mayer packaged meat isn't a rollback. If anything, the packaged turkey slices seemed to have rolled forward in the price. So next time you're shopping at Walmart double-check the prices of your items.

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