If you have a little too much we want you to be able to get home safely.

No DUI El Paso is recognized in the state of Texas as a nonprofit organization. They provide designated drivers to anybody in the city of El Paso for free.

On top of that, they also transport your vehicle home that night as well.

No DUI El Paso will be available for Street Festival attendees that are unfit to drive home.  On Friday evening, you can call the dispatch number, 1-877-366-7604, to arrange for pick up.  On Saturday evening, No DUI El Paso will be staged at the Main Entry on Santa Fe Street.

They offer their services Friday and Saturday from 11pm till 2:30am. Bare in mind, they only transport from establishments that serve alcohol to residential housing. They do not provide bar hoping and do not pick you up from a home.

No matter what you do – Please party responsibly and if you need help getting home, don’t hesitate to use the number!

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