Nicki Minaj may be the queen of rap, but she's also the queen of getting paid. The 'Freedom' rapstress is hosting a New Years' Eve party at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas for a reported $5 million. The fee tops Beyonce's paycheck of $4 million for her invitation-only Sin City show at the Wynn hotel.

Now, we are not sure if this is a sign that Beyonce's marquee value is diminishing or that Minaj has better negotiators when it comes to getting that cheddar. Either way, it's a great payday for both superstars to ring in the new year.

It's unclear if Minaj will be performing songs at her lavish club event, but for $5 million, we expect her to at least do triple backflips onstage.

All jokes aside, Minaj and Beyonce had quite a phenomenal year. Minaj earned a platinum album with 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' and Beyonce dropped her biggest project of them all -- her beautiful baby Blue Ivy.

Happy New Year, Nicki and Bey! And, um, can we borrow $1 million? Just kidding...