Just the other day I was thinking, “Wow, I wish I had an illustration of a Corgi hugging a cantaloupe.” Luckily for me, I found a thread on Reddit of a Nickelodeon storyboard artist taking request to draw weird stuff. Here are a few of his incredible illustrations.

First is my personal favorite and soon-to-be centerpiece of my living room, the Corgi on a cantaloupe.

Reddit user DJFunktipus asked:

Can you draw a portly black mans shaven head fused with the body of an orange octopus? It would fit my username.

You can’t be a Nickelodeon storyboard artists without drawing a few Nick cartoons. User gunt34r asked,

Can you PLEASE draw what doug might look like today?


A few more awesome requests:

Five hamster-sized horses attacking a horse-sized hamster. Why not?

A little Breaking Bad humor:

Lastly, someone’s kid as a superhero.

Want to see your kid as a superhero? Find the artist on Reddit by clicking his username, thewondercat.

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