Selena fans get ready for some new music from the beloved Tejano star!

In a recent virtual interview with Latin Groove News, Selena’s father Abraham Quintanilla revealed that "beautiful arrangements" of his late daughter's songs will be on a new album that will be released by Warner Music. According to Quintanilla, the new album will include a total of 13 songs.

"My son, AB, worked on this album," said Quintanilla in the interview. "Some of the songs are done in ballads and some are cumbias. What's unique about it is not only is the music completely new arrangements, but my son worked on Selena's voice with the computers."

Quintanilla went on to share more details about each song saying that the first song on the album was recorded when Selena was only 13-years-old but according to Quintanilla it will sound more recent.

"If you listen to it, you know, she sounds on these recordings like she did right before she passed away... It's kind of amazing," said Quintanilla.

The virtual interview was shared on Latin Grove News’ Facebook page. It was part of their “On The Record” segment with Jose Rosario.

Quintanilla went on to discuss the legacy his daughter, Selena, has left behind despite her tragic death 26 years ago.

"What amazes me is 26-years later, the public still remembers Selena, you know," Quintanilla said of Selena. "I said that right after she passed away, that I was going to try to keep her memory alive through her music - and I think we have done that. 26 years later Selena is very present in today's music world."

I agree. No matter how many years pass, Selena will always be remembered by many as a powerful Latina woman who showed all women that it’s ok to be yourself and to never give up on your dreams no matter how many times you are told no.

The album is expected to be released in April 2022.

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