Yes, it's confirmed that Janet, aka Miss Jackson if you're nasty, is working on a new album. Check out the details and enjoy my top 5 videos from the queen of pop.

Producer/Engineer Ian Cross recently gave an interview to Barefoot Sound and in the first line of the interview he confirmed, "he is working exclusiively with Janet Jackson on her forthcoming much anticipated album, her first since “Discipline” (2008)."

Ian Cross goes on to say he can't say much about the album but fans are going to be really excited to hear it. No date has been officially announced on when we can expect new music so in the meantime check out her top 5 videos here:

5. What Have You Done For Me Lately- According to wikipedia, "lyrics were rewritten to convey Jackson's feelings about her recent divorce from James DeBarge in January 1985. It revolves around a woman's frustration with her partner in a relationship."

4.The Pleasure Principle - This song is an "independent woman" anthem about love gone wrong built around a dance beat with sweet dance moves in the video. My aunt would dance around the house like her.

3. Miss You Much - This was inspired by a breakup letter Jimmy Jam received from one of his old girlfriends, who signed it with what would become this song title.

2. That's The Way Love Goes- Who could forget Jennifer Lopez is in this music video?

1. Nasty - According to Janet explained,"When I was working in Minneapolis, I was walking from the hotel to the studio, and there were all these guys hanging around, shouting seriously sexual stuff, some really dirty stuff. I went in and started working on the song right after that. So many men call women, 'baby.' It takes away your dignity. I've got a name and if you don't know it then don't shout at me in the street."