The El Paso Ice Cream Festival is happening this Sunday, July 1st and it is exactly what El Pasoans need right now. We have been feeling some hot days, which are perfect for cool treats. Tons of ice cream shops are coming out to Downtown El Paso to share their delectable treats with all of us! I am looking forward to seeing some of my favorite places participating in this event and for sure will be getting brain freezes from all the ice cream I will attempt to eat.

Ice cream might be perfect for summer, but it is good all year round. I have a crazy addiction to ice cream so I have spent many days looking up ice cream shops or driving around to try them all. While I will never turn down a scoop of the stuff, I wanted to share my favorite places with you, so you can get some frozen goodness all year long.

  • Emily Slape

    Fahrenheit 32

    Rolled ice cream has invaded El Paso! You will see many different shops in the area with their take on this Thailand treat. Fahrenheit 32 is my favorite place to get cereal milk flavored rolled ice cream. What makes it so great is the added fruity pebbles into the ice cream mix as they roll it!  A must try when you are craving something sweet.

  • Emily Slape

    Social Ice

    Social Ice is a little gem I found on Instagram and immediately had to go out and try. Not only do they make a killer Tre Leches funnel cake, but they have numerous specialty snow cones! A favorite of my family is the ninja turtle snow cone, complete with skittle eyes and ice cream in the middle of the shaved ice. They even make their own version of 'Ocean Water' that is delicious!

  • La Michoacana via Facebook

    La Michoacana

    Oh, the memories that La Michoacana brings back! I remember the summer days when we used to buy paletas out of the back of vans. Yes, sketchy stuff back then but now I am old enough to actually drive to the store and buy my own ice cream. That's the only cool thing about being an adult. My favorite flavor from them has to be the strawberries and creme!. It is a perfect representation of another childhood classic of fresas con crema.