Dismembered and thrown in the woods.

A 20-year-old United States soldier was murdered on American soil.

This wasn't in a foreign country, so those who like to use that tactic can shut it.

This was in Texas, on a military base.

Growing up, we are taught to respect the United State armed forces. Don't get me wrong, I do respect those who serve to protect this country. Not those who use their status to harm or kill their fellow Americans, the alleged killer Fort Hood soldier Aaron Robinson. We won't ever know if he was for sure the murder in a court of law because he killed himself when confronted by police, according to TexasTribune.org

Fort Hood has a reputation of being a problematic place, according to a taskandpurpose.com report. Some serious incidents have accord at this base and are obviously continuing.

So what is going to be done to stop it?

No one talks about problematic situations over dinner with friends. Some people never even talk about them because they are afraid. The Guillen family knew Vanessa was scared to report what happened to her. Vanessa was brave enough to tell her family and friends about the sexual harassment she experienced from her sergeant, but many believe this is what possibly lead to her death.

As more details emerge from his story, my heart hurts and yours should too. With everything going on, stories can get lost. Vanessa's story is one that many soldiers sadly can relate to. Other soldiers who have had traumatic events while in the military have helped shine a light on a serious issue in our armed forces with the hashtag #IAMVANESSAGUILLEN.

Go through the hashtag on Twitter, read the numerous, shocking experiences, and really try to understand what is going on.

The world is watching what people in power are doing more than ever. The Guillen family is asking the government to pass a bill titled "I am Vanessa Guillen" to help protect men and women in the military from sexual harassment. If you want to help, please follow Vannessa's sister's Instagram account she created originally to bring awareness to her sister's disappearance for updates.

We need justice in this world in so many ways. Keep fighting for what you believe. Keep your hope alive, because I know it is so hard right now.

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